Meal Plan & Healthy Eating Week 3

Wow! I’ve “survived” two weeks! Just kidding… I am totally loving it. This week, I introduced some dessert back in (healthy alternatives of course). I am happy to report that I am back  to my pre- Christmas weight so that is very exciting! Chris and I have discussed buying an Aria scale from FitBit as well as the ChargeHR (for me) when we get to MS. I love Daily Burn, but I don’t trust what the screen says when it comes to calorie burn since I sometimes have to take more rest breaks, my weight, etc. I don’t want to overestimate my calorie burn and end up overeating for the day. Since we still aren’t sure where we are going to be moving and whether or not they’ll have a gym — I really need to be careful until we leave New Mexico. That being said, this coming weekend is going to be ROUGH. Ha! We are going to Adobe Rose for dinner on Friday night, then Saturday is our going away party at Mike & Monica’s, and Sunday I am having lunch with my sweet Candlewood ladies. Since I am NOT trying to calorie count my food those nights I will have to sweat it out instead. Chris and I wanted to hike Guadalupe Peak tomorrow but last night we both came to the realization that we were not in good shape to do it. Chris has been killing himself at work since the elevators are down. He is so tired and sore every night when he comes home. I’ve mostly been good, but the endurance mode on the treadmill is a little rough with the inclines on my knee. So, we’ve decided to hit up Cloudcroft and White Sands instead. (not sad!) Now, if only I could figure out how to get to those damn waterfalls near High Rolls…

This past week I made some really delicious new recipes that Chris and I agreed needed to be added to our roster. I made lamb chops for the first time! (Delish but pricy). I experimented with a new zucchini bread recipe and it paid off big time. I’ll post it after this. I really pushed my body this week on the treadmill too and can now achieve a mile in 16 minutes! I feel pretty damn good about that! 🙂 I did struggle keeping up with my strength schedule between working and keeping up this damn house, but I feel at this stage in the game that cardio is more the priority.

For this week, I am cleaning out the freezer and trying to make dinners out of stuff we already have. (I’m baking a bunch of “bad” stuff for the party Saturday to use up all my old nasty white sugars and flours). Also, I won’t have dinner plans for Friday and Saturday since we will be eating out.


  • Breakfast: Leftover quiche (which I am making today since I didn’t have time yesterday)
  • Lunch: Somewhere in Cloudcroft
  • Dinner: Turkey Chili (This is my recipe and it changes everytime. I use 3 pounds of ground turkey, a whole red onion, 3 different kinds of hot peppers, 3 different kinds of beans, lime juice, spices…just whatever I am feeling. I don’t have measurements for anything. But, it will be cooking all day while we are in Cloudcroft)





  • Breakfast: 2 slices of turkey bacon &  an egg
  • Lunch: leftovers and fruit
  • Dinner: Adobe Rose!!! (yum yum yummmmm!!! I am totally getting duck!)


  • Breakfast: Fruit & Greek Gods Honey vanilla yogurt
  • Lunch: leftovers or green salad & fruit
  • Dinner: Going away party



I am hoping to weigh myself next Saturday and see a number I haven’t seen before! I’ll being going hard as I can this week — walking with Jackson and then coming home and getting on the treadmill. I wanna make 12,000 steps everyday. It’s a big goal but I think I can do it M-F if I really push myself.

Have a fab week y’all!


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